Illusion Of Sanity

    I assume you have reached this site for a reason. Most likely, because you were bored/frustrated and typed certain keywords into a search engine. These words may have been something like "This world is screwed up", "This can't be real", or "Things are not as they seem."

    Coincidentally enough, that is how I came to make this website. I was looking around one day, thinking about all the ridiculous things going on in the world. Things like politicians arguing about whether or not we should have access to birth control. Wars over religion. People purposefully becoming obese because it's an erotic fantasy. The fact that I work my ass off to support half the population of this country, who are sitting on their ass getting a check. These are just a few examples, but the main thing going through my head was "Surely there are other intelligent people out there who realize how insane this all is. Or maybe there is just something I'm not getting."

    So I opened a search engine and typed in "Things are not as they seem." I did this hoping that there were others going through the same reality shock as myself. None of the results were what I expected. So I thought to myself....I should create a community where real, open-minded, intelligent people can discuss the craziness of our world. And so, welcome to Illusion of Sanity.

    This page is new (I am typing this on 9/12/12) and there is not much to it yet. If you happen to have stumbled upon this place by accident in the early stages, please check back. This site is a priority for me and it will be changing and growing on a regular basis. Be sure to check out my blog. There's not much to it yet, but I would love to hear other peoples input on the things going through my head/. I will be adding a forum soon as well. 

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