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  1. First Doc i want to you wish you and Mistress a very Merry Feliz Navidad!

    If i were those dudes (Union Workers) i would have been ready to work on Christmas Day regardless! People forget that they are employees and depend on the company for a check in order to live! So if your employer wants you to work then you gotta do what you gotta do! If you do not want to work on Christmas Day then put in for a day off or start your own business!
    Losing your job because you did not want to work on Christmas? That is really stupid in my book!

    What a bunch of rocks!

    • Many do not have a two sided morality.

      Some would say it was just to fire the strikers. But imagine this – they boycott the company and the company goes bankrupt. I would bet the company too would attack the strikers then, burn down their homes, and so on.

      You never threaten a man’s livelihood. For a man, its a job. For a company, it’s income. Both will respond violently if threatened. An more interesting ending would be if Maine Papers customers switched to a Chinese company, because they charged less.

      The Confederates lost their war. Their owners were stupid, because they brought in scabs, the negros, whose labor was “cheap.” Price can be reckoned in other qualities than money. Those scabs, the blacks, ruined the South.

  2. Merry Christmas! a friend I’ve known since Gradeschool was a Professional ‘Scab’ for awhile. The stories of Union violence were incredible, but teh scabs were more productive with less people than the Unions.
    Whenever I had to work with Union folk, it was aggravating dealing with their Rules, and attitudes, as well as a Dangerous environment-Dropped wrenches from great height, etc. Yup, not a fan.Kiss Mistress for me!

  3. Doc,
    You are a real achiever who speaks words of wisdom in the language of common people. It pains me but I have finally made peace with the fact that most guys are below average and we have to do the best with what we have, your blog is probably one of the best there is as you speak from experience.
    P.S. kindly blog more often and focus more on your reminisces and economic/lifestyle matters we already have a lot of people taking about women but it is the mundane stuff that is the real important stuff.

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