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  1. I do more of my writing in the ‘public’ places I frequent – be it FB or “meatspace”, and I derive a fair bit of satisfaction at exposing the red-pill in those areas. I also get more feedback from these interactions than I do with a blog. A “succesful” blog would also have to be concerned with building an audience and then worry about many of the issues you’ve identified in this post.

    • If you have a decent blog, the audience will come. I had never heard of the Manosphere when I suddenly started getting over 1k hits a day because of Manosphere bloggers linking me. Write good shit, readers will happen.

      I don’t personally have a problem with any of the issues I mentioned. If I don’t like you, I don’t read you. Easy.

      It’s the sudden “hate on the Manosphere” trend I have seen lately that sparked this post. Especially that “3 Bromigos” faggot who decided to shit all over his betters.

      For me, the Manosphere is a grass roots movement. We are fighting the liberals from the bottom up by informing the populace and guiding them, instead of trying to use activism to attack the top. You come for the advice on getting laid, you end up reading about all sorts of great stuff.

  2. Where do the red pill females go then? We aren’t invading the male spaces (except right now writing this), we have our own little corner where we are talking amongst ourselves. To find other women on the internet we have a choice between the red pill/manosphere and Jezebel, because frankly every other female space is just like Jezebel.

    The female bloggers are in contact with each other just like you guys are and just like you are with my husband and me. The female corner of the manosphere is a place for women to go to be with others of our kind. I don’t see why we have to be starved out; why are we not allowed to hang out with each other?

    By excluding us and making us feel unwelcome the manosphere is removing all feminine opposition to feminism and is discouraging women from being red pill.

    • Tcup – I don’t think there’s an issue with RPW chatting with each other, it’s the perception that RPW get more attention than RPM’s and as such are effectively taking over things that should be the domain of men. This leads into the problem that when women congregate or take over an issue, men tend to slack off or spend their attention elsewhere.

      Given the nature of the internet, I don’t think there’s an easy answer to this solution beyond men becoming less concerned with the attention RPW get and be more concerned with getting the message itself out.

      • I try to stay out of the strictly male spaces a) because they talk about guy things and b) women always change the tone of the conversation. So I know what you are talking about. When I do venture over to peek at the male spaces, I don’t really see a whole lot of women, but then again, I very rarely look at the men’s sites.

        I think you are correct that the male sites should concentrate on being men and quit fussing about the females, because really, we are over there doing our thing, mostly.

        • A woman cannot create a man. Only other men can do that. The MRM is not the only movement that deals with this.

          Things are way beyond any minor solution or bandaid. The pendulum has to swing the other direction. Men have to get their balls back. Women can’t really help men with that.

          The segregation is good and necessary. It will take time for the natural order to restore itself.

    • I don’t have a problem with you ladies. This post was addressing the things I’m hearing people bitch and moan on blogs and twitter about, not things that bother me personally. I was simply offering a simple solution. If they bother you that much, ignore them. The manosohere only exists through links and blogrolls. Women can only be part if they get linked.

  3. My comment threads have been a problem since forever. I have thought about just turning off comments and letting my essays stand on their own, and I have been considering that even more seriously since my father-in-law fell ill. The thing is, there are some very thoughtful people who also comment on my site – a number of whom aren’t “part” of the manosphere (and I have never accepted the label of “manosphere” blogger, ever) – and I get a lot out of their comments. But the screech and squawk brigade fill up my comboxes with hysterical nonsense.

    The thing is, I see the manosphere as being a place of information and self-improvement for men, which is great. But that isn’t what my site is. My site is equal parts politics, anti-feminism, training single women to be good wives in the future, and encouraging married women to be good helpers to their husbands. There is a whole segment of men whom I have directly asked, “Why are you here? You hate women, you hate marriage, you aren’t interested in my political writing…why do you read and comment here endlessly?” And I got a ton of crap for even daring to ask them that question, but I still see it as a valid question.

    Of course, more generally, there has been no female invasion of the sphere. In looking through the few manosphere sites where I used to comment regularly, such as Dalrock’s, there are actually fewer females participating than there were 18 months ago. I think what has fueled the perception of there being more women has been AVfM hiring female editors (I know nothing about this situation and have only heard about it second hand) and then a bunch of red-pill lady bloggers who are coming out of MMSL. I don’t spend a ton of time around those ladies beyond my Girls Being Girls ladies, but I don’t see any of them trying to muscle in on ‘sphere sites. Most of them are writing for other women who are trying to free themselves and their marriages of feministic influence, and I wish them well in that.

    • Were I you, I would warn any commenters who go way off topic and don’t add positively to the discussion, then ban them if the warning doesn’t work. I think many of your commenters are shills, or at least misrepresent themselves. Not to mention there is so much vulgarity that once it reaches about 60 comments, my work server blocks the page as adult material or pornography. I’ve rarely heard such filth from people claiming to be Christian.

      • Thank you for the suggestion. I know that my site attracts both shills and trolls. It’s upsetting to me, though, as a woman to have to ban men. Can you see what I mean? But I’ve been getting slightly more aggressive about that. You may note the presence of someone ranting on and on at Dalrock’s for nearly week, apropos to nothing, about me; that is because I banned him almost immediately from my site (he’s a well-know troll to me, having been banned under other handles previously). Most of the people at Dalrock’s are just ignoring him. It’s odd, but I whenever I do ban or moderate someone, they almost immediate run to Dalrock’s and begin sobbing, “Sunshine Mary banned/modded me! She is such a bitch! My feewings is hurted by a girl!” and I don’t think they realize that all the normal men there are grossed out by a man who cries on another man’s blog about not being allowed to participate on a girl’s blog.

        • It’s upsetting to me, though, as a woman to have to ban men.

          Think of it as a property owner kicking off a miscreant because they insist on defecating in places where they shouldn’t. These trolls are trespassers, not men, and need to be treated as such.

        • It is curious that an American would be so quick to censor someone who disagrees. That’s what banning is, censorship. Someone who promotes banning is promoting censorship and the silencing of dissenters.

          You may assess the level of a man by how quickly he censors his opponents. The faster he does, the weaker he is. He does not have the personal power to do anything but use a form of violence against his opponents.

        • Not a matter of censorship when you stop someone from constantly derailing discussion on your own site.

          If I walk into your house and shit all over your carpet, you better not censor me or you’ll be a hypocrite.

        • I’ve never proclaimed to be a tolerant American. Freedom of speech is something that the Americans claim to believe in. I’m white, not American.

          One cannot just walk into our house. The house we build is not open to all. But the right kind of person could indeed walk in and shit on the carpet.

  4. Personally, and from what I’ve witnessed over the past year or so, is that once there is a profit motive involved, the male “voice” is either amplified or softened. The two examples I can think of are Good Looking Loser (amplified) and MMSL (softened).

    Regardless of my personal thoughts of woman within the Manosphere – I personally just ignore them – Because I really don’t care what they have to say. I’ve listened to woman all my life, had the pleasure of being brought up by a Mom and 3 older sisters, then listened to my (x)wife for 18 years – figure I’ll give the Men a chance for a while. And I learn something everytime I go out an read – I learn from failures and successes – I also can learn some things from key board jockies. People come and go all the time, you just have to live long enough to realize that.

    And if some kid wants to take his toys and go home, that’s his right.

    • People certainly have s right to leave. I just think that some leave for the wrong reason and are a real loss. All the bitching is getting old, though. I sometimes get frustrated and have to stop myself from bowing out, but I just take a break and stop reading elsewhere, just stick to writing.

  5. see what I really enjoy about your blog is that you offer constructive criticism and self improv advice. i can’t stand reading ROK anymore with their “5 thin gs that makes a man a man” and “10 reasons why every girl is a slut”. for the same reason that i dont read dalrocks comment section anymore where its every other commenter on a pity party. the “manosphere” def has that woe is me i hate all women part, and its hard to seperate that from the constructive blogs like yours sometimes.

  6. First time visitor to your blog. Danny504 sent me here. I would encourage you to continue posting. Every Disney believing blue piller defaults to reading female writers to try to figure out what makes women tick. Men feel like they are getting a peak behind the curtain into female sexuality. So of course the female writers get lots of traffic.

    It is only after lots of reading female created advice that doesn’t add up, that male readers come to understand the truth. Females are mostly incapable of abstracting how attraction works for the general public. Oh sure, the female writer can tell you what turns her on at that very moment, and in regards to a specific man, (it will be a different story tomorrow), but she cannot look beyond herself. She cannot explain female attraction in general. She can only tell us what she specifically likes. Men need to hear it from men writers.

    FUrther, men are not going to publicly admit that they read stuff like this. Men are somehow supposed to be born with this knowledge. Admitting that I need help on generating attraction is seen as a weakness.

    Anyway, I will be checking out your work and I thank you for putting it out there.

    • Yes, the mistaken idea that a man can learn about women from women is sadly widespread. I remember, as a teenager, reading Cosmo and seventeen in the hopes of learning a bit about the opposite gender. This availed me nothing, needless to say. Women do not understand themselves at all, probably because they are all about feeling and do very little honest analyzing. I’m friends with a few female bloggers and I have nothing against them I’m general, but men shoul not try to learn from them.

      My gratitude for the encouragement, sir. I hope you continue to enjoy my work.

  7. If I help a few people, it’s worth my time.

    This. This right here is why I blog. Mine is small, so between this and the message I spread I don’t expect to reach more than a few, but if I can help those that read and decide to think about what I say, then it is all completely worth it.

    The Manosphere will change. Some will leave and others will take their place, but the basis will stay relatively the same. There will always be those who complain about *all western women* and who claim this, that and the other thing because there is slight truth to all of it. It is blogs like yours who shed light on this and make people think beyond what makes them comfortable that will counter this. Yours is a place for men whom are angry to come and find a way out of that place when they are ready for it.

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