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  1. Great post doc! I have to agree that it’s good to know how to fix things when shit start to break down. I know for me I caught a flat on my 2005 4runner and quickly went to the gas station to inspect. It was a cold night that night but the tapping I was hearing from the tire was really bothering me. I pulled up to a spot in the gas station got my tire repair kit and some pliers pulled out the nail and quickly plugged up the hole. It took like five minutes to do filled the tire with air jumpeed back in the SUV and headed back home. I did this while wearing a shirt and tie!

    It baffles me when I see men these days not being able to fix anything and depend on others to do it for them. Glad my father wasable to train us on how to do such things. Well gotta go! It’s like 8degrees inNY and I have to get ready to get out into this cold! Stay warm doc!

  2. I too have a similar philosophy, but the object differs. I can fix minds and attitudes.

    There is something that interests me though. The USA is broken – can you fix it?

    • The USA is only broken because of universal sufferage. No, I cannot single handedly change the political system.

      However, the Manosphere is doing the only thing that can be done….educating the populace, fighting the lies. The more people we wake up, the better off everyone will be.

    • Wal-Mart or any auto parts store. Mine is Slime brand. I also put Slime in all my tires, so most punctures seal themselves and don’t cause any trouble.

      At the minimum, I recommend having tire plugs and a means to insert them, a pressure gauge and a compressor. A decent compressor is less than 30 bucks.

    • I may do that, though it should be noted that DT and I actually get along and like each other on a personal level, though our political and economical ideals are obviously dissimilar in the extreme. So I am willing to argue his ideas, but I won’t be attacking him or starting any fights.

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