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  1. Among wolves there is no “Alpha” leader who “gets the lion’s share.” There is an Alpha couple who are the only ones who breed, to prevent too many pups, who would starve. The food is shared with the pups. It’s cooperation, not competition.

    • A wolf pack is composed of an Alpha male and Alpha female. In some instances, the Alpha female will actually lead, as leadership is based upon strength and prowess.

      These packs are composed of the offspring of the two Alphas, and often other, unrelated wolves.

      In lean times, only the Alphas could breed, and only with each other. In times of surplus, the other wolves are allowed to breed.

      The Beta wolf took over in the case of the Alpha dying and could then breed the Alpha female. If the Alpha male became weak/old or injured, the Beta could challenge for a fight, often to the death, for leadership of the pack.

      • @Uncle Bob

        I will concur with Dr Illusion. But I will add. That although the top wolf or man gets the privileges ultimately the authority is meant to be used to serve the group.

        Hence the top wolf shepherds so to speak his people protects it from threats through proper strategy and leadership and provides through leading the pack so to speak to green pastures.

        Hierarchy is mutually beneficial. The higher the position the higher the privilege but also the higher the pressure of responsibility.

  2. A couple of LaVey quotes, since I couldn’t agree with this post more and any original comment would only recycle what you’ve already said:

    “The world’s shortest poem: Strife is/Life.”

    “The most effective street-cleaner in an egalitarian society is a riot gun.”

  3. No offense taken, of course. Good counterpoint.

    It’s all moot. Capitalism has nothing to fear from my glorious proletarian comrades. I knew that as soon as I walked by Occupy and the biggest sign was about chemtrails. The left is fucked forever.

  4. Do you know what a “house-nigger” is, Doc?

    When the plantation burns down, the house nigger will be sad. Because then his meal ticket has just dried up. He played the man’s game and he was getting paid very well for it.

    I believe you have been bought, Doc. This job of yours has caused you to focus on work and to ignore almost everything else. As long as you are making money, everything is golden. Screw the South, screw the US, screw my people.

    I support the infrastructure being destroyed. The system will not change until the infrastructure is gone. Man does not need technology to live. No animal requires electricity to stay alive. For some reason, humans lived very well for thousands of years without electricity. Just because we have TVs and computers does not make today superior.

    • So, without electricity, will you buy a wood-burning stove in order to keep your house warm and to cook your meals? Will you be chopping the wood that the stove requires? What about keeping in touch with long-distance relatives or friends?

      Yes, humans lived without electricity for thousands of years and we could easily do it again. The question is this: Would people really be willing to return to that? I know the Doc and I (and probably quite a few others) would be more than willing to do it, but we are not even close to being the majority. You must take into consideration the fact that we have already gone through, at most, 5 or 6 generations of people since the convenience of communication, lighting, and heating via electricity was introduced to the general public. Almost every person alive has lived his entire life with one or more of these luxuries. They know little to nothing of the way their ancestors lived, not to mention how to do so. Plus, do you really think that the average modern citizen would even be willing to learn any of that, let alone actually live that way? Just ask any random person on the street if they could imagine surviving without their precious iPhone, TV, internet, AC, kitchen appliances or any other modern convenience that is a product of electricity. I doubt you’ll find more than 20 people who could do without all of those.

      • Many homeless right here in America do fine without electricity. Many in Africa and Asia still don’t have electricity today.

        I ask myself who keeps the juice on? Who keeps the TVs running, the internet porn flowing, the beer cold in the fridge? Men like Doc, well paid but working to protect the system. That’s why the USG has been able to keep things plugging along.

        Willing. That is a strange word. They were willing to destroy marriage. Happy to do it, even. Think of so many women, eager to destroy the best they have to offer to a man.

        It’s clear today that the public opinion is irrelevant. They didn’t support the Patriot Act or Obamacare, yet they still exist. It is not a matter of polling their opinion, but having the conviction that one is right.

    • Im with you, Ryu.

      “CEO who built the company from the ground up is making 5 million a year”

      Glenn Beck BS. Barf.

      • Could you explain which of my points yoi disagree with instead of acting like a girl? “Barf,” really?

        If you’re actually a man, feel free to debate with me. If you have intereting things to say, I would love to hear them.

  5. Socialism is accommodating weakness rather than its rectification. A world without competition is where the abilities and powers of men atrophy, it is where weakness of any sort flourishes.

    Challenge ensures greater competence strength and confidence. Its what gives the wolf its teeth, its muscles, its beauty.

    In the modern world civilized as it is. At least you won’t die if you lose the competition. Many more chances are given to you. Hence you must take the opportunities available to you.

  6. ” If a girl showed up at your house and said she would not be cooking, cleaning or having sex with you but she expected you to support her for the rest of her life, what would your reaction be?”


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