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  1. With how effeminate most men are these days most men flake as much as women do. You really have to be prepared for most people to fail in some way. I generally dont make plans with people for anything I wouldn’t enjoy doing by myself. If its more of a group activity I’ll invite a large group and expect half not to show up, or only invite trusted friends.

    When any kind of work is involved, my expectations drop even further even if the people are paid to do it. Just like your coworkers, they generally dont care.

    • This is why I keep my “group” down to 4 people or less. Mistress is always at my side, so I know she won’t flake. I trust McMurphy with my life, so I know our plans are solid. My friend MudFlap will drop anything to lend a hand or keep plans. That’s about it for my regular “group.”

      Even with Manosphere meet ups, you have 20 people RSVP and only 8 show up. And these are the same men who bitch about flaky women.

  2. I agree with Leap of a Beta here…it’s so ridiculously easy for people to cancel plans in this day and age as well as be just wishy washy in the first place of making plans. I can’t tell you how fucking often I invite friends to do things, well in advance, and I get “maybe” as an answer most of the time. Maybe basically means the person doesn’t want to do whatever you are proposing but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but ironically, are doing just that. They are giving the other person hope they will come through when it’s most likely the will not. That was one of my new years resolutions (as cliche as they are) is to stop telling people maybe. If someone invites me to go do something, I will give them a 100% YES I will be there and follow through with it, a 100% NO I cannot make it. If I’m actually somewhere in between where I want to go but prior arrangements might prevent me I will give them the honest truth. Fuck maybe.

    • Isn’t it nice to have a relationship like ours, where there is no maybe? I say “I’m off this weekend, lets hit downtown,” that means were bloody well going downtown.

      You say you’re coming over to trip, have a bonfire or grill some steaks, you bloody well come over and eat some steak.

      I think flakiness has a lot to do with how much respect you have for the other person, and how much you care about being trusted.

      I expect people to trust me, so I strive to earn that trust through dependability and consistency. I respect you, so I keep any plans we make. The end.

  3. Great Post Doc!

    I’m not much when it comes to having people do things for me when i asked them to because just like you i tend to think the worse of people. Being an IT guy i can tell you that at times I feel that I’m the only one here at work solving computer issues all day. At times it does become overwhelming when problems keep popping up because i have no faith in the other IT guy taking care of the problem.

    Its unfortunate that i have little faith on people when it comes to taking care of anything for me. And just like Leap Of Beta said at the end of his comment people “Generally don’t care.”

    Such is the weight we have to carry as Productive People.

    • Ha, McMurphy is an IT guy as well.

      Well said, brother. Being a naturally productive person means shouldering the burdens of others, typically without any recognition for doing so.

  4. I used to carry spare belts in my trunk, and occasionally, on very long trips through the middle of nowhere, a spare alternator and sometimes a spare starter. And spare radiator hoses.

    • Nothing wrong with that. Strange things happen on long trips. I was driving 600 miles a few years ago and the core of one of my spark plugs shot out of the engine, leaving the metal exterior still screwed in. Lost compression but managed to make it to an auto parts store.

  5. There is something I’m curious about, Doc.

    You sprinkle your writing with English-isms, like “bloody” or “wanker.” Where does that come from? It is not Southern.

    • Many of my favourite modrrnauthors are English, like Terry Pratchett. And I’m a big fan older English writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I suppose I picked a few things up over the years.

      My spoken accent and dialect swings from over educated with no accent to country boy with a thick drawl to slightly English with lots of British slang. Depends on who I’m around and how intoxicated I am. And what music I’ve been listening to.

  6. Teddy Roosevelt said “Make preperations in advance, you never have trouble if you’re ready for it.”

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