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  1. I suggest writing your own take on Tucker Max.

    There more articles calling him out as a fraud at his site’s inception, the harder a time he’ll have of it.


    • I was just discussing this with Mistress. She thinks I should do a video about the Tucker Max thing, and post it here as well as YouTube, so I can attack from 2 angles. Thoughts?

      • If you post a video and a post containing the “minutes” of the video, I’m all behind it.

        The more there is calling out Tucker Max as a fraud, the more of a chance his website gets snuffed before it gains serious momentum.

        Double whammy – people will look into manosphere stuff more from the “call out” pages.


  2. Hey Doc,

    Glad you’re writing again.

    Maybe you could write even more about rural Southern life, through the red pill lens. More detail. I’m currently a city boy, so I find country living compelling. One reason I enjoy your blog.

    Also, I’d like to see more game-related posts.

  3. Hello, Doc.

    Writing is like training in a gym or as an electrician. You have to want it, you have to train every day with no BS. It takes discipline and effort; not just when it’s convenient to do.

    Don’t let this job interupt your progress. The money is nothing. This is Murka; everything has a value on it, down to the last blade of grass. Money is common.

    Tucker Max is nothing. The weak always imitate the strong. The concern should be on personal development and getting better.

    Tell us about what happened in NO. What was it – the drinking, the fucking, drugs? That shit’s all a waste of your time. It’s a waste of talent.

  4. Tucker Max knows who I am, as I’ve said before I used to work (for free) for him back when he had the message board, and the first I heard about this new venture was from the Manosphere.

    If I cared at all about his new venture, I’d be pissed that he didn’t contact me; but when a narcissist moves their identity, they tend to burn all but the most useful bridges. The fact that I know Griffin, and Griffin managed to pierce the shell, is yet more “negative baggage” that he wouldn’t want to admit to.

      • Perhaps that is just how little he thinks of your existence. More likely is that he has so little experience now with men, other than those grovelers he keeps within his circle, that he does not realize you won’t be overcome with adulation at the prospect of someone so great as he “borrowing” your content.

  5. Nice to see you back Doc. Will be interesting to see whatever you write – I’m a voracious reader. I’ve pieced together an outline of certain MG happenings. A pity.

    Regarding Tucker Max, it seems to be a time for using the method pioneered by Matt Forney and Return of Kings. You people are the backbone of the Manosphere, stealing from you for profit is a dirty thing. Is it appropriate to destroy him before he gets fully started? Perhaps a blogpost titled: “Is Tucker Max guilty of stealing and selling free stuff?” Hopefully the title alone coming up in a search engine will predispose readers towards presuming guilt.

    Perhaps similar for VLM.

    • Many thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad you enjoy my writing.

      We’ve already implemebted the exact plan you are talking about. If you Google “Mating grounds tucker max” you will notice that my takedown of him is ok the 1st page, 4th rank.

      My takedown of VLM will be coming tonight, time permitting.

      Great hearing from you.

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