4 comments on “Viva la Manosphere, Content Thief

  1. This will soon join Thumotic’s post near the top of the first page of Google. Being a thief is far from his only character flaw.

  2. Doc! It’s unfortunate that sometimes people do stupid things because of greed! If you are going to make money then do your own thing and do not copy someone else’s work! Doing this will only do a great disservice to you and to your peers.

    Free exchange of information, ideas and opinions are what the manosphere is all about! If we let people who have agendas come in and take control of our information then it will be all a waste of time! We as content generators must keep an eye out to those bearing gifts on one hand and carrying a knife on the other hand behind their back.

    Doc thank you for the link! It is greatly appreciated as always! Great post!

  3. Late I know but stealing other people’s blog content is a bunch of horseshit, glad this guy got called out and D&P is getting the credit he deserves on the juicing stuff.

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