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  1. As per our earlier conversation: If he had said originally that he wanted to present the information in a new and more accessible way, to raise the bar in regards to teaching young men principles that can serve them as they grow into manhood, then there likely would have been universal support as opposed to the friction he experienced.

    Perhaps it was not the most complete admission of having done wrong, but standing up and being responsible for his actions deserves respect.

  2. He probably doesn’t want to admit that you exist because of your shitty blogs. Why would someone of his status want to aknowledge your existence let alone promote you. You come out all guns blazing and now your kissing his ass? Dude, find yourself some dignity. What annoys me most about this post is you aknowledge you were being a douche for attacking someone with inaccurate information yet you continue your rant by having a poke at PUA’s. As a side note, I follow RSD principals. I guess some would call me a PUA yet I don’t fall into the pussy-worshipping category you are labelling us as. Your contradictory writing annoys me.

    The Mating grounds is an amazing concept. Two successful authors. One a well renowned psychologist, the other famous for his success with women. Goodluck outclassing these guys.

    One final note: Why is Tucker’s opinion so important to you? Forget about him. Pretend he doesn’t exist (as he does to you) and continue writing your shitty blogs.

    • Thanks for reading. I don’t know or care what RSD is, but I’ve seen you write this same crap almost word for word on a few other blogs. No one cares what principles you follow. If you were truly successful with women, you wouldn’t talk about it constantly. It would be business as usual, a total non-event, not worth discussing.

      I never said his opinion was important to me, just wanted to speak to him about the drama and find out the truth. He really thinks that was he is doing will be new and different from what we are doing. He asked me to reserve judgement until I actually see his content after the official launch. I’m willing to do so.

      If what he is doing really does help men and get good info out there, then I’ll happily link to it and support him.

      I’m not “kissing his ass” , I’m standing up and admitting that I went off half cocked and attacked without enough knowledge. Men do that. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with such things.

      Have a nice day.

      • Man I just realised this sub-culture existed. Meaning that my previous comment was my first ever on a manospherian forum. If you’re unfamiliar with RSD (Real Social Dynamics), you probably haven’t read “The Game” by Neil Strauss. The main thing RSD teach is to build confidence by being authentic. No pre-scripted routines or gimmicks that you probably picture every single PUA doing. Anyway, I’m not normally one for wasting my time by spreading hate. I respect what you guys do. I just saw you as some dude who first apologised for attacking one person then attacked the pick-up culture – again with no sufficient evidence. If you are going to attack people (including major generalisations), you have to expect some backlash.

        • I have no problem with backlash. Haters make my day.

          No, I’ve never read “The Game.” I picked it up in a bookstore and flipped through it once, and it was just sad and depressing.

          Successful men who are focused on their mission don’t need help getting women. The main advice men need is to focus on getting ahead in life, not chasing tail.

  3. hey Illusion, congrats on an honest post that I’m sure was tough to do. It’s never easy admitting your mistakes, and I like your attitude of “hey, if you think you can do it better, bring it on” rather than just talking shit.

    To Leighroy..cool your horses bro. If you don’t like Illusion, then don’t read it. simple right? FYI, yes I have checked out Mating Grounds already, and it seems like a cool layout, I will be sure to check in periodically from time to time over there. Illusion and the others may not have the snazzy eye catching web page, or the fame, or the money, but they have something unique to offer us that Tuck-boy doesn’t. Illusion is pretty much a regular guy who’s making his way in this world, and as such, I feel he understands me and other American men in a way that someone who has feasted on the golden cup of money and fame doesn’t understand. Same with Roosh. Just a regular guy…living life on his own terms.

    • Thanks, brother.

      I won’t say that eating ones words is ever easy, but I feel better admitting I was wrong than trying to brush mistakes under the rug. I live my life by core principles, primarily responsibility and ownership, and it’s worked well for me so far. If you deny your mistakes or try to deflect blame, you’ll never get better.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, sir.

  4. He said “there’s nothing out there” or words to that effect, in a tweet that I saw.

    Doesn’t matter. He’ll do what he does and you’ll realize he bullshitted you. The guy’s real-world famous; he’s bound to regard this whole thing as a bunch of exploitable nobodies.

    • That may be some of it, but I think there will be a lot of focus on healthy relationships as well. Tucker is moving away from womanizing and trying to build a good relationship, so I doubt hr will be pushing the “pick-up” agenda too hard.

      Regardless, if it’s solid information, that’s all the matters.

  5. Good on ya doc, respect for doing the honest thing, and actually taking the time to investigate the issue. Way too much unsubstantiated whining been going on by others on this issue.

  6. Man, he suckered you.

    Ah, a new and innovative look at male/female relations – one that hasn’t been covered by 1000 authors on 1000 blogs over the last 10 years then?

    Bullshit. Don’t mistake liking a guy with if he is right. He’s run game on hundred of women, and he’s run game on as many of his male-worshippers. Of course he knows how to game you.

    TM is selling you the PUA-less PUA, the meatless hamburger. PU is PU, whatever new name you cook up for it.

    That’s the first thing I noticed about you, Doc – your moderation. You lack overwhelming passion, which holds back your progress. It won’t work; not anymore. One day, if you and the MRM come up against a real enemy, you’ll find that out.

    Watch this video and learn. There are some enemies who you can’t talk with.

    • I do have passion. Passion for books, automation, industry, electrical theory, money, my woman, and most of all helping men be successful in achieving their goals.

      You can claim he played me. I won’t argue with you. Only time will tell. He asked for a delay in judgement, I granted it. I don’t see anyone else actually making the effort to speak with they guy. I’m not passive aggressive. I confronted him straight up.

      But yes, I do like the guy. We’ve been corresponding for two days now, and he seems like he’s honestly trying to help guys. He’s also trying to make money, of course. But if you dislike that, you would have to dislike Forney, Roosh and many others.

      I don’t seek to make money from this, but I don’t fault those who do. As long as they don’t ruin their blog to do it.

  7. You haven’t been around long enough to see how it’s done. This has been happening for a decade.

    Anyone trying to make $$$ off PU and the MRM does it the same way. Immediately, they cook up a new name. With Mystery, it was “Venusian Love Systems.” With Tyler Durden, it was “Real Social Dynamics.” Style did the same, David D did the same, Zan did the same, Hypnotica did the same, etc etc etc.

    Of course, they INSIST that it is not PU. PUs are evil and bad, I’m different and special.

    It’s exactly the same in my field. I’m a racist. Am I a white nationalist, an ethnopatriot, an HBDer, a progressive conservative? It’s all the same thing.

    I do dislike Rooshie and Foney. PU began as a brotherhood, Doc. There was no $$$ involved, and we did not charge to teach new people. Then Mystery began charging 500, then 2000 for a 2 day bootcamp. I was in before that happened.

  8. I’ve browsed through the Mating Grounds site. It strikes me as too convoluted. As to whether or not he is ripping off Danger and Play, I have no opinion.

    What do ya’ll think? Is Danger and Play being plagiarized?

    And Doc, check your email.

  9. TempestTcup is right, Ryu is pretty right. I wrote a long comment, but people here already got it. TM’s quotes show it. With the paragraph that starts “Or, maybe I should say it this way…”, you’ve got it all. Mealy language, time-wasting verbosity, grandiose claims (“better than anyone else!”), appeal to the mainstream (which corrupts), and last straw, the “help more guys,” the saintly motivation.

    Drop by blogs like Jim’s and Radish and Free Northerner on ‘Entryists’ — because that is what this guy looks like.

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