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  1. I did get a kick out of both girls coming over to say goodbye to me, have a little chat and a hug while the poor orbiters watched in dismay.

    The strangest thing about the whole scenario was that all three “suitors” just kept buying her drinks and chatting her up without ever trying to push the other 2 of their “turf.” Perhaps because masculine aggression is so taboo, or they were trying to be nice guys?

    One of the strangest things I’ve seen in some time. Good write up, nice depictive opening.

    • I recently ran an experiment. Fully expecting a certain outcome. Provider role. Lower quality girl. First time around she paid. Understandable. Left for a few months.

      Second time around out of the blue full-on caretaker of myself, girl, and even her low-income families and friends. All the beta dreams of treating a girl nice knowing there will be a time of prosperity. Wiggle room for these sort of game mistakes with such a pre-established SMV disparity from first go around.

      What do you suppose was the outcome of this?

  2. Doc had the advantage of preselection. He had two girls with him, right?

    But it is wrong to buy all those drinks and get nothing in return. PU is not quite as popular as people think it is.

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