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  1. I did just that. I left my desk job, very expensive suits and cushy seat. As well as reporting to two women who had it out for me the moment they came in.

    I moved across the country to where the jobs are and found an apprenticeship in 4 days. I start at $19/h.

    My hack hurts, I cut my hands on wire everyday and my shoulder injuries are acting up

    I found my ball sack and I love it

      • This was a great article and thanks much for the linkage. Looks like we’ve found another writer worthy of the moniker, “Manosphere writer”. Private Man already gave you a shoutout and if you don’t mind, I will also, he and I are friends. I plan to use your story in a post today with the proper credit and linkage if you don’t mind.

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  3. I observe the same trend among “men” my (our?) age. I tend to just stop thinking of them as men and just group them with the female throng.

    Finding worthy members for your gang is tough. I know lots of good guys, but only two would I say I trust on that level, and then one other I suppose could be considered a junior member. His work ethic and loyalty are there, just not the drive.

    • It’s a bloody epedimic, sir. Men are becoming weak and complacent. But, as I have said before….I often wonder if we are shooting ourselves it the foot by trying to help.

      Men like us rule the roost. We eat right, work out, study up, make bank….and get what we want. Should we really be trying to help our competition?

      I’m 26 yrs old, by the way. I think we are fairly close in age.

      • Spot on sir, twenty-six as well.

        Perhaps it’s that drive to build a gang? So few men worthy that we turn to the internet to build it alternatively? Regardless the world will not be over saturated with our kind any time soon.

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  5. I’m doing that route right now, apprentice electrician. At 38 years old, I bust ass every day for what amounts to a 60% wage cut from my previous full time job ( a good one but working 24-7 on call all the time grinds you down, so time to move on). But as an IBEW apprentice, I get a raise every six months and in four years when I get my Red Seal, my qualification is recognised countrywide and I can work anywhere. Though I’m doing everything I can to switch to a lineman’s apprenticeship, they make killer $$.

    Some questions….

    So you’re considered a journeyman at 18 months? Wow, we’re not even half done at that time. How is that possible? Where are you working?

    Why do you prefer Industrial over Commercial?

    It sounds like you get the same basics as us but the extra tickets/endorsements you mention are included in our apprenticeship rather adding them on after it.

    It’s funny, trades were shit on for years when I was younger, but now there is such a shortage of skilled tradesmen that they’re importing guys from overseas under temp labour laws and paying half as much. It has caused an uproar in the local trades community as wages and working conditions are being undercut.

    Cool to meet a fellow sparky online.

    • I was a Journeyman after 18 months because I didn’t work for a union. I have an extremely high IQ and I absorb things quickly. I took to electrical work like a pig to mud.

      Just for the record, my strength is troubleshooting. I bloody hate running conduit. I can do it, and do it well, but I hate it.

      I hired on as a helper for a (at the time very small) local, non union contractor. There were 30 of us when I hired on. They put me with an electrician who I still have insane amounts of respect for. He really taught me instead of just bossing me around.

      I learned so much, so fast, that 18 months later I walked into our shop still considering myself a helper. Our company had grown to 300 employees. Expecting to head out with my electrician, I was shocked when I got pulled into the owners office and he handed me a set of prints. He assigned me a 4 man crew and had me run a job. I kicked ass, he declared me a journeyman and made me a supervisor. Just like that. Based on ability alone.

      Sadly, I repaid his faith and kindness by fucking him over. When I got a girl pregnant, someone convinced me to go union for the benefits. So I took a cut from 20/hr to 14/hr to work union. FAIL.

      I quickly learned that I am not the union type. I arrived, with less than two years of experience, and I knew more and was more skilled than all the four year apprentices. Because at my former company I learned and got promoted based on my ability. After seeing guys who could not hold a candle to me getting raises because of “seniority” I said fuck this.

      The reason I prefer the Industrial route is because I would rather work from the neck up than the neck down. I work Industrial maintenance. Here’s the deal.

      I work 12 hour shifts. If something goes wrong, I have to fix it. My day looks like this. I arrive at 6 oclock. I make coffee and sit around with my friends. A few hours of blogging and listening to music. A flow transmitter gives a bad signal message. I go check it out. No 24v DC at the transmitter. I head to the DCS rack room. Find a blown fuse. Replace fuse. Problem solved. Go back to fucking off.

      I get paid 27/hr and 100/wk shift diff to do this. That is why Industial is the way to go. I bring home about 5 grand a month for about 8 hours of work a month. I’ve been in the trade for 7 years. I started when I graduated college with a degree in English. I’m 26 years old making over 100k a year. That’s why you go Industrial.

  6. In terms of recruiting men into a crew, I say find some friends and sound out red pill ideas. Some guys will respond positively, others won’t. For the guys who respond positively, drop more info and try to feel out they are open to hearing more.

    In my example, I go to a military university. Mostly men. I’ve been trying to find like-minded individuals, but it is hard, as most men here agree with a lot of what I say, but disagree with a few key concepts. There are a lot of closet white knights, which I try to avoid. I have no need of being in the limelight with my contrarian views just yet.

    I’ve found a friend who thinks nearly the same way I do and has come to similar conclusions himself. I am busy trying to introduce him to the manosphere and everything about it.

    I got him interested by just talking with him during a PT session about various concepts I’ve learned about and experienced and he became very interested in what I had to say.

    That’s all I can say for forming a like-minded crew for now, besides going through a lot with someone.

  7. That’s a great life, clearing 60K a year. So you didn’t even have to go to trade school… all your training has been on the job.

    Personally, I also want to get into troubleshooting PLCs, VFDs etc. Really gets the brain thinking. Most places up here, it’s really rare that you’re sitting in a control room all shift. There’s always some component re&re or general maintenance.

    Well, good on you… keep it up and you’ll be running the plant in a few years.

    • I do troubleshoot drives, PLCs and DCS. I am so thankful for the new PowerFlex AC drives that pretty much tell you what is wrong. We still have a few DC drives from the 80s still in service, and those beasts are a nightmare. No interface, no diagnostic display…that’s where you seperate the boys from the men.

      Hell, we still have some old Automate PLCs in service. I’m not even going into that clusterfuck.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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