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  1. White knights are usually a hopeless cause. They may wake up if they’re taken to the divorce court cleaners. But many do not. They can go back and end up divorced three times and living in their car and they still don’t get it. The older they are the more difficult it is for them to change.

  2. Should have said men can think for themselves too and since she has a hard time finding one, asked her what is that implying?

    • That may have been too subtle for her. The reason I got so upset when she said that about my woman is because it’s that kind of crap that makes women ashamed to be housewives. So called “successful, independent women” telling them that staying home isn’t good enough. When my girl and I meet new women while out and about, they always ask her what she does for a living. When she says take care of me, they always look down their nose at her. It pisses me off.

      • Thank you so much for pointing this out, dear. I know you know this because I have stressed it quite a few times. But more men need to know.

        I absolutely love serving you and taking care of you because of the fact that you are a true man, a respectable man, and a man that I know I can always depend on. I couldn’t give a shit less how much other women may turn their noses up at me when I tell them that I’m a housewife, but it does piss me the fuck off that they think they’re above me because of the fact that they embrace their “grrrrl power”. It’s infuriating. But, in the end, who’s really better off?

        • You’ve been brainwashed! Why would you enjoy having the opportunity to read and learn feminine skills like cooking? Any woman should hate being able to take a walk around in the country, work on her tan, have lunch with friends and do whatever hobby she enjoys. I have messed your head up.

  3. Nothing makes blue pill takers angrier than confronting a person who tells them everything they believe and do is based on lies, propaganda and indoctrination.

    • I’ve had more success than I expected when i first started this campaign in my real life. It’s just the vehemence of those who reject the truth that shocks me. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Just asking? This sounds more of a typical response from a black lady. If you would have not mentioned her take I would have assumend she was.

        • I mentioned she was black in the post. An operator, of course. We don’t let women do mens jobs. I’ll talk to you about it tonight. What really depressed me was that the biggest white knight was my mentor, TW.

  4. Why would you even have that conversation with a coworker in the workplace? You’re there to make money to live, and challenging people’s deep-seated beliefs, their whole life experience aggressively isn’t going to help you.
    She’s just a product of the culture, a piece of driftwood. And she’s past the age where she can easily change. You can’t tell someone like that to turn on a dime.
    I guess you just wanted to be right.

    • Why would I have that conversation in the workplace? Because I bloody well felt like it. Because I believe what I say. Because there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me. Because not only will that company not touch me, but if they did I am a highly skilled craftsman with job offers all over the country.

      Also, our HR department is not the boogeyman that most are. A woman went up there to complain about all the foul language and shit that us men use a few months ago. HR told her that she was the problem and she needs to respect that we are craftsman in stressful situations.

      Is that enough reasons for you?

      Should we only be hard on the web? Should we bow to the feminist imperative in real life, then blog about how badass we are? If you have skimmed my blog, you may have noticed that I show my face.

      Even if the feminists managed to hurt me, I have dual citizenship in Germany. Germany has a booming solar power industry. I’m on the verge of blowing this joint anyway.

      Are you insinuating that I should be afraid to speak the truth?

  5. I often speak my mind at work despite it being a very female-centric atmosphere. Sure I get some backlash, but I will never hold my tongue regardless of where I am. What you did is exactly what I would have done and have done many times since I am around the hens clucking so often.

  6. They wonder why they cannot find or hold a man long enough without them chiming “i don’t need a man” mantra. I wish i were there to have seen this! Some women think they can have everything but nature always trump them i the end. I remember when me and my wife worked in the same company. Every morning she would bring me my breakfast to my desk in front of all these women. Set up the food for me to eat without any hesitation from then until now she still takes care of me like a REAL woman should. We have been married for 9 years now and she still looks out for me.

    If women could stop this independent shit then they would most likely not end up a cat lady. i believe the reason why there are so many white knights is because as men we have lost our idea on how to be a man. We need REAL role models me who are men. i have always felt that we lost our way and i was lost until a few months back when i found sites like yours that helped spread the idea of being a man.

    When i was younger i was a white knight! I believed in the BS. But as i got older i became less of a white knight and more of a black knight. I got tired of being played with so i grew a pair and donned my black armor. I guess age has made me jaded but i believe that as men we need to teach and tell others. I’m sure a few co workers that were there are looking into websites like these to become enlightened.

    I apologize for the long essay here but its just stuff that needed to be said. I got your back Doc.

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