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  1. If we took her at her word, then her boyfriend’s options are: 1. buy a breathalizer and only have sex when she meets a certain number, that was previously agreed upon in writing 2. he should not do what she asks of him

    What a world we live in.

    • What a world we live in indeed. If ANY woman ever had a sit down with me because I had sex with her when she was drunk and I wasn’t and tried to tell me it was wrong or she felt I sexually assaulted her, her ass would be OUT the door! Sorry, not going to jail because you’re crazy!

      • That would be unwise. If you are in that situation you should go on like before but end it in another way. If you end the relationship abruptly, then she’ll have one more reason to legally accuse you of things.

  2. “I’m gonna get up, run away from that house as quick as I can and keep that story to myself till the day I die.”

    That goes double for the boyfriend – she is NOT gf material, at least not until she learns to think for herself, or she grows up enough to choose rationality over emotional pleas – the victim card that is so actively rewarded in our degenerate, post-modern society.

  3. That’s why I film all my sex. If a court claims what I did was illegal, I would counter that it was only being used as an anti-crime cctv surveillance system to monitor the citizenry. Of course all tapes are destroyed after 15 years. Consider it my “Russian dash cam” protecting me from insurance fraud.

  4. women are crazy! How can you blame a man who is your boyfriend that he raped you. She came onto him and as a man he reacted the way a man should have reacted. Then they wonder why they cannot find a man to commit to a relationship. She is psychologically unstable and if i were the boyfriend i would be getting the hell out of there before she blames me for something else. Chicks are crazy! They love the drama

  5. “I would never have sex with a drunk person unless I were equally as drunk…”

    This is mind-blowing. If you’re going to sleep with your drunk girlfriend, you’d better be drunk too.

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